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8 for the Kids

Marvin's history has clearly been blessed by unique people and the company is serious about giving back to society. Marvin leverages its international presence to implement socially responsible programs like the "Mother and Child" project run by the Terre des Homme Foundation.

Marvin's intentions are as authentic as its watches. And we like to offer our customers the opportunity to also pitch in and participate via our 8 for the kids endeavor. By simply signing up your watch's serial number, you allow us to allocate $8 of the cost of your purchase to the Terre des Hommes Foundation.

All it takes is a simple click of your mouse. There is no obligation and your information is never sold, rented or used for any other purposes. Marvin watch owners represent a large worldwide community transcending geographic borders. And many of them love to make a difference in the world. Marvin believes this social consciousness can be key in alleviating or eliminating misery in many parts of the globe. 

This is why Marvin implemented the 8 for kids program. Using the brand's celebrated magic number "8" to symbolize the magic and passion of generosity etched in Men's hearts.

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