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If your vintage Marvin cannot be repaired, you get 20% off on a new one!

Let's say you request an estimate for a vintage Marvin repair as described here and it turns out the watch cannot be repaired. Don't despair! Marvin will then offer you a 20% discount on a brand new model of your choice. It's a...[more]

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Can you appraise my classic Marvin?

Some of you have sent us pictures of your vintage Marvins asking us for help in appraising them. Unfortunately, as these pieces are obviously no longer produced, putting a value on them is difficult at best and not an exact...[more]

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Marvin also loves trees

Not only do we use recyclable material whenever possible in our packaging and products, but we also refrain from sending out any printed material as much as possible. This is why you will find all available Marvin information...[more]

Category: Did You Know

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