How do I get my vintage Marvin repaired?

Many of you come to us with questions about repairing vintage Marvins that were either acquired at auction or passed down from generations. The best way to proceed is to first send us as many detailed quality color pictures of the watch as possible (both front and back preferably).You can send this to our community manager directly.

Next, check our distribution center online. If we have a distributor in your country of residence, you can contact them directly. They will either repair the piece directly or send it to our HQ in Switzerland for an estimate. The estimate will cost 60 euros (about $86) and is deducted from the final repair invoice if work is authorized.

If we do not have a distribution center where you live, you will need to send us the watch in Switzerland directly. To do this, wrap the item carefully. Indicate its monetary value on the box making sure to mark it as “watch to repair – after-sale service” in order to avoid custom taxes. Then send your watch by registered mail to our address here care of Mr. Francisco Bravo

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept credit card payments for repair orders at the moment. Consequently, we ask that you please wire us your payment electronically as follows:

Bank: Banque Cantonale Neuchateloise, CH-2001 Neuchatel

Beneficiary: Time Avenue SA – CH-2028 Neuchatel

Account#: H 3537.17.20 IBAN: CH33 0076 6000 H353 7172 0 Swift: BCNNCH22

Any questions or issues, please contact Jerome our community manager.