Four generation of visionary watchmakers

[1850] Marc and Emmanuel Didisheim create their first watchmaking comptoir in Saint-Imier, Berne

[1891] Henri-Albert, Edgar and Charles take the succession & build a factory

[1893] The MARVIN brand is officially registered with the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property in Berne

[1894] The company moves to La Chaux-de-Fonds

[1895] After Edgar’s death, Henri-Albert is joined by his 3 sons – Marc, René and Jean

[1912] The company becomes a Manufacture in its own right. The entire design, production and sales chain are grouped under one roof

[1918] Marvin is one of the largest manufactures in La Chaux-de- Fonds, with more than 300 employees. An annex is built especially for the technical department

[1921] The organisation of the Manufacture is held up as an example for its premises, health and working conditions and rigour in manufacturing processes

[1926] The drive for rationalization of production and improvement of productivity generates a labour dispute that lasts two months

[1939] The Manufacture provides munitions to the French army until its surrender