Where does the Marvin crown logo come from?

Marvin’s logo is an inverted “M” => “W” In the early days, the Marvin logo used to be a double M. One was inverted and the other was straight, creating a five side crown. Later, Marvin designers simplified the crown into a three side logo, symbolizing an upside-down “M”. The move also represented Marvin’s unconventional spirit.

Marvin first advertising is dated 1905

The first advertisements date from 1905. The brand was already advertising in specialised horological publications such as the Indicateur Davoine. The multilingualism of the texts – French, English, Spanish and German – confirms the international character of the Manufacture already in 1900.

Marvin once worn by stewardesses and pilots of KLM

In 1955, Marvin signed a partnership with the airline KLM. On the lapel of their uniform, stewardesses wore a clip watch, a variation of the famous Tyre watch. Advertising spoke of a `conversation piece, the perfect pretext for a little friendly chit-chat ́. Pilots flew with the Flying Dutchman on their wrist.

Marvin settled in New York in 1893

Taking advantage of the openings offered by the booming american market hungry for watches of swiss quality, Hyppolite established a subsidiary in the USA – Hipp. Didisheim co. – which imported the brands Winton, Nassau and Lancet. Hyppolite internationalized the brand aided by his brother Bernard. He arrived in New York on the 2 October 1893, having travelled with his wife and daughter on the “La Bretagne” ́from Le Havre…..Read More

Marvin sold 7 million watches around the world

Some 7 Million watches were produced in 120 years. This gives an average of 58,000 watches sold each year. To these figures is added the movements developed by Marvin for various watchmaking brands, such as Zenith, Tiffany or Tourneau. To reach such a result, Marvin created, developed and coordinated a network of distributors around the world since the early days.

Reliability & innovation have always been part of the brand’s DNA

At a time when watchmaking Manufactures abounded and the watch was in perpetual development, technological advances were an opportunity for differentiation and to win new markets. The Manufacture never wavered in its drive for innovation, regularly investing without hesitation in its technical department. In an article of the “Revue Internationale de l’Horlogerie” dated 15 April 1921, Henri Buhler insists on the fact that at Marvin : “…the core of the….Read More

Marvin registered quite a few patents

From the beginning, Marvin has invested in Technological innovation. Charles Didisheim, Marc’s son, was also an accomplished inventor and registered 18 patents between 1891 and 1911. Since that time, Marvin patented several innovations : 1893 New chronograph counter mechanism; instant counter 1903 Glass forming dial for a timepiece 1904 Bracelet-watch 1905 Watch movement with visible balance 1927 Production procedure for a timepiece ébauche movement 1933 Timepiece with automatic winding 1939….Read More

Marvin created a tyre watch in the 30s

Created in the 30s by René Didisheim, this watch, a clock watch housed in a rubber tyre, is a tribute to the family’s passion for cars. Pierre Didisheim later added a strap to make it a keyring. After a difficult beginning, this model had a huge success, thanks to a highly innovative advertising campaign which reinforced the idea of the utility of a second watch. Visuals and slogans awoken the….Read More

Four generation of visionary watchmakers

[1850] Marc and Emmanuel Didisheim create their first watchmaking comptoir in Saint-Imier, Berne [1891] Henri-Albert, Edgar and Charles take the succession & build a factory [1893] The MARVIN brand is officially registered with the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property in Berne [1894] The company moves to La Chaux-de-Fonds [1895] After Edgar’s death, Henri-Albert is joined by his 3 sons – Marc, René and Jean [1912] The company becomes a Manufacture….Read More

The company was renamed several times

The company was renamed several times following successions [1891] “Albert Didisheim et Frères” [1895] “Maison Henri-Albert Didisheim” [1905] “Henri-Albert Didisheim, fabrique MARVIN” [1917] “Fils de Henri-Albert Didisheim, fabrique Marvin, Marvin Watches Co” [1941] The Manufacture becomes a Public Limited Company under the name “Compagnie des Montres MARVIN SA”

Marvin also loves trees

Not only do we use recyclable material whenever possible in our packaging and products, but we also refrain from sending out any printed material as much as possible. This is why you will find all available Marvin information right here on our website and media properties including catalogs pictures and technical information. Our upcoming online store (coming in March 2010) will also list prices for our entire collection. And if….Read More

Can you appraise my classic Marvin?

Some of you have sent us pictures of your vintage Marvins asking us for help in appraising them. Unfortunately, as these pieces are obviously no longer produced, putting a value on them is difficult at best and not an exact science. Our advice is to consult directly with antique watch retailers or specialized auction houses. For example, the Antiquorum site might be a good start. In other cases, you’ve asked….Read More

How do I get my vintage Marvin repaired?

Many of you come to us with questions about repairing vintage Marvins that were either acquired at auction or passed down from generations. The best way to proceed is to first send us as many detailed quality color pictures of the watch as possible (both front and back preferably).You can send this to our community manager directly. Next, check our distribution center online. If we have a distributor in your….Read More

If your vintage Marvin cannot be repaired, you get 20% off on a new one!

Let’s say you request an estimate for a vintage Marvin repair as described here and it turns out the watch cannot be repaired. Don’t despair! Marvin will then offer you a 20% discount on a brand new model of your choice. It’s a great way to keep the Marvin spirit alive and well in the family for even more generations to come!