Can you appraise my classic Marvin?

Some of you have sent us pictures of your vintage Marvins asking us for help in appraising them. Unfortunately, as these pieces are obviously no longer produced, putting a value on them is difficult at best and not an exact science. Our advice is to consult directly with antique watch retailers or specialized auction houses. For example, the Antiquorum site might be a good start.

In other cases, you’ve asked us to date your watch. This is a bit easier to do because we have many vintage pieces in our own collection and so it’s often possible to see from the style of the watch what era it might match. The best way to have us do this is to send us pictures of the watch. You might also browse our museum pieces online or check out our Flick vintage set and gallery to see if there is already a match.

In any case, make sure to send us pictures of the piece 🙂